Friday, October 04, 2013

Pre Western Sydney Marathon

Despite it being a marathon tomorrow I was out this morning. I have been building up over the last few weeks to run my usual loop with double loops for the hills and then the hill reps and stair reps. I was not sure how long it would be but I wanted to do it.

Really bad timing that today was the day that I was ready to run it for the first time. Debated when I was running whether I would complete it or cut it short by not doing one or a couple of the second loops. Being a runner and risk taker I did all that was planned 24k. WTF. That distance was not planned and done at 5 minute pace with little slow down up some testing hills.

St done now and I need to put that behind me as a negative thought for the marathon tomorrow. Pacing a runner for a  3.59 finish - slightly out of her comfort zone and testing for me with heavy the training I have done this week. If it becomes apparent that it will not happen we will ease of for around a 4.15 finish.

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Could you a new nickname Lol