Monday, October 14, 2013

Fitzroy Falls Marathon: 5.03.10

What a wonderful weekend away in the southern highlands, what wonderful weather and the course is always challenging but tempting enough to run the whole way. This was my 11th time running it with it being held 14 times. The only time I have missed it is when I was in Melbourne for that marathon on the Sunday. Over that time it has grown considerably but still maintains the small friendly atmosphere that it started with.
I think the first year had about 20 marathoners. This year just over 100. That is great growth and support. The RD is to be congratulated for a smoothly run event.
This marathon is always held on Saturday. Maybe next year I will do the double for the challenge of it.
This was my 4th in 4 weeks and was the same for my running buddy Karin. For each of us it was not a focus marathon - that is there was not taper for me and Karin had an easier week because of the flu. Still it was always meant to be steady and to run as many of the hills and inclines as we could and we did that.
The weather was very cool at the start but within 15 minutes that was not an issue and you were just waiting for it to get hot. It did get warm but manageable. Really I thought the weather was not a factor as it has been in the past.
We were a few minutes over the set time but that was totally arbitrary anyway. We have both finished the four marathons perhaps not faster but much stronger which was the main aim of running the marathons. I had Sunday off and was back into this morning with a hard 18k.
Oh yes decided to buy and wear comprerssion socks. I think they worked and are not just a trail fashion statement.

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Ewen said...

Well done Ray & Karin. I've only done the 10k the once - friendly and well organised as you say.