Monday, September 30, 2013

Glenbrook Marathon: 5.41

All I wanted was a testing course and to run well with no taper AND to get under 6 hours if the weather and course allowed that. All the boxes were ticked.
I ran 14k hard on Saturday morning averaging 4.50 per k with some hills. Not your ideal morning run the day before a marathon but as I have said the next few marathons will all be run without a taper. I ran the whole way with my buddy who is also running the 4 x 4 with no taper as the lead up to GNW.
The course was varied from single technical, narrow winding with plenty of rises and falls and dirt roads with long inclines and declines. Varied and testing. The weather was warm but really not a significant factor. We ran steady the whole way with very little walking except were that was a wise choice.
It really was just a prefect run for what is required at the moment. We finished feeling very comfortable and already mentally focusing on the flat road marathon next Saturday. Pacing my buddy to as close to 4 hours as we can go. It might work it might not. It does not matter in the scheme of things if we don't. We will however have completed another marathon on the road to the start line of GNW.


Ewen said...

Well done Ray. Good finish photo.

Anonymous said...

Who is that 'hot' chick you are running with ?!?!


plu said...

Congrats - well done.


plu said...

Well done - Plu