Friday, September 27, 2013

Sydney Marathon: 3.36.40 and Sunday Glenbrook marathon

Sydney Marathon although not the fastest it was very satisfying. 

It was one of those runs that felt so easy and went by seemingly without any effort. Clearly there was an effort but over the last 12k there was no fatigue, no tiredness and no wanting it to end. I felt like I could have gone on for ever. That not going to happen but it was just the greatest feeling to be running those last 12k and feel much less strain that usual.

The splits were 110/107 and the fastest two 5k splits were from 30 - 40 with the last 5k being the quickest being just over 24 minutes. At the 30k mark I was about 950th and finished in about 615th. It was just 2 weeks after the GH 100 miler and I felt no real after effects. 

I have been injury free all year apart from 2 hospital visits and 2 operations but I was able to recover from those quickly and in particular after the second which was the minor of the two. I have been able to train harder and more consistently that in previous years and i believe my fitness level is greater that it has been for some years. Hence I have had 3 marathons in the 3.30's this year and previously they were rare and I really thought was at best now a 3.45 marathoner.

I have also been positively influenced by another runner and I that is an unexpected bonus.

This week I was back running on Tuesday and it was easy around the Bay. After that training has been resumed at a high intensity and I just hope I do not break. The focus has not been on greater distance but incorporating more hill sessions and stairs. Strength to withstand the continual climbs and descents at GNW.

GNW is my main focus at the moment but off course I have marathons on the next 3 weekends. Each will be run through - that is no taper and a recovery of 2 days. I will be running them fatigued and two are on trails that should add to the fatigue. Sunday is the Glenbrook Marathon and I do not know the course but expect it will be testing. I am running it with my buddy and a finish under 6 hours will be fine. The plan is to run on Saturday morning for a usual training session and suffer on Sunday.

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Ewen said...

Great time and splits Ray. Agree that you are in the best shape you've been for a few years. Hope Glenbrook went well - sounds like a nice scenic off-road marathon.