Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Australia Day Marathon: 4.07

First the weather was kind. Good cloud cover for most one the race with a good breeze that was cooling and a few light showers. They were not long enough or heavy enough to have any real effect.

I decided to start off at 4 hour pace and see what happened. The 2.2k in run in a loop at the start and the it is 4 x 10k so you can gauge your pacing as you pass the finish clock on each lap. I was running about 57 minute 10k laps and was able to maintain that for 3 laps or to 32k. However I thought that I would slow on the last lap and sure enough I did to run just under 64 minutes and all of my + 4 hour time was in the last 10k. Isn't always the case.

So overall I was pleased to have been able to maintain the 4 hour pace as long as I did. Also pleased I was so fatigued that. I had to walk at all. The last lap just became slow no matter what effort I put into it.

Finished with no issues and I fact on Monday afternoon because the weather was so nice and I could I went for a run around the Bay. But today I rested. A few easy days and then focus on the Caboolture marathon in a few weeks. That is on a track half a k long and starts at 6pm along with other events of various length.

I cannot get my head around the 84 laps and the start time. It has very pleasant picnic atmosphere so a real cruise for just under 5 hours is the current plan.

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Johnny Dark said...

Good effort Ray. Well done.