Friday, January 24, 2014

First marathon for 2014: Australia Day marathon Victoria Point

Well I know that the marathon running season has really started because I have the first one for 2014 on Sunday. At Victoria Point about 45 minutes south east of Brisbane on the Coast. This is my third year in row that I have this event. It starts at 5.00 am to miss as much as you can the oppressive humidity that occurs this time of the year north of the boarder.

The last two years I have been just under and just over 4 hours. I am not sure I am fit enough to start of with a 4 hour pace or ease back to a say 4.30. Honest answer I just don't think it is in my DNA to run slower that what I can. In other words if I think I could run 4 hours I will pace myself to that instead of really easing off to 4.30.

I think I a close to 4 hour fitness and may just start off with that aim and expect because of the lack of long runs it might drift out to 4.15. Also a lot depends on the weather conditions on the day.

Anyway it's the start of the season and I am looking forward to the challenge of the marathon and in particular that last 12k.

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autismmumsmarathon said...

Good luck Eagle. Inspiring stuff, especially considering what you've been dealing with. Hope you are happy with how it goes.