Friday, November 15, 2013

Grat North Walk: 21.44

When is completing perhaps the hardest 100k in Australia considered a failure? When you intended to run 100 miles and did not.

For the second year in a row I have started the miler and finished at 100k because by the time I got into the previous CP it was clear that I would not be able to continue to make the cut offs at the CP's after the 100k. So on leaving CP3 at about 80k I have had a slow stroll into CP4 at 105k. Last year in 21.47 this year in 21.44.

It was hot year and that made running more difficult but not impossible. I ran with Karin the whole way and we were slower than expected for various reasons. She managed her difficulties without complaint and handled the course and conditions without a complaint. She was clearly mentally and physically strong enough to run the miler but not this year.

Disappointed? Yes.

Was I stronger and fitter than last year? Yes

The issues I had last year with a slight lack of fitness and Achilles. They were not present this year. Deciding to ease off into CP3 and withdraw at CP4 was not easy. We were no more that 45 minutes of the decision to push on. The answers to those questions might seem inconsistent with then finish time. But at CP we stayed for over 30 minutes as it has such a great buz and plenty of friends were present so the stay was long. We left 5 minutes before the cut off and really walk to the next CP enjoying the very pleasant weather.

I must admit there was not much talking. I think we were both reflecting on the failure with the finish at 100k. Any way that is done and now to look to the future.

I have to have a major operation for cancer next Wednesday. That will stop me from running for well the specialist says at least 2 months. I have not argued with that. It is his opinion and my hope is that it will be much shorter but then again it might be longer. I will just take each day as it comes and when I feel like starting to walk and run I will do so.

So I have withdrawn fro C2K. However there is a very low key marathon run from Charlotte's Pass to the top of Kozzi and back to Charlotte's Pass and then repeat. Held on the 28th December. That is my focus but if I am not ready no harm I have one on Australia Day.

I doubt I will be posting much if I am not running. However I might get bored and post. Over and out for the time being.


plu said...

Take care and all the best with the operation.


Luckylegs said...

Hoping for the very best outcome, Ray. Nothing lost in a great effort by you and Karin!

Tara Wilson said...
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autismmum said...

I used to read your blog before I experienced my own life crises. All the best with your recovery and I've noticed form coolrunning that you are back running.