Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Carcoar Marathon: 3.42.29

Where did that come from !!!!

Maybe .....

To get to Sunday has been 6 months of solid injury free consistent training with the intensity and distance significantly increased over the last 4 months with 14 marathons run in 17 weeks and one hundred miler with at most one day off after a marathon. No short speed training just endurance and hills, hills and more hills. Gives me no speed but the ability to run a firm first half and repeat on the second half.

All done with only one race GNW on this weekend. Ready as I will ever be - bring it on I say.

It was another marathon where after about 10k I felt it would be one where despite the effort it was be 'easy'. It was strain and not easy in reality but it did not feel as hard as it should have been. Last year the hills in the second half beat me hands down. This year I have trained for hills and they were all run except for one where it was faster to walk and run hard from the top.

Last your was 4.26 and I had a terrible lean at the finish. No lean this year and 44 minutes faster. Unbelievably 5th outright. 

Strong with the finish 100 meters away and so ends # 170


TokyoRacer said...

Nice run! You're looking thin and in very good shape.
Stay injury free!

Gadfly said...

Fantastic Eagle! You're looking great and running so well. Maybe no injuries, but you have had a couple of surgical interruptions, so the result is even more a testament to your hard work and dedication. Huge congratulations, and can't wait to hear how the weekend goes...run well.

Ewen said...

Wow, great run Ray. I guess that's a bonus of running so many marathons - more chance of popping out a good one.

Jon in Tokyo said...

Well done. Great effort. Keep it up.