Monday, December 10, 2012


Very short summary.
Withdrew at 185k with a severe lean to the right that meant I could not run a straight line. When I run into the ditch on the roadside and could not get up because my balance was gone the crew and I knew the race was over and that it would be unsafe to proceed.

Dead Tree @ 102k at Sunset Friday
Even if I got to Charlotte's Pass it was certain the RD would not have let me go up the mountain because I could not run/walk in a straight line. It indicates that by just running 16 marathons in the year and being injury free since April does not adequately prepare you for a 240k run. My crew did everything I expected and could have asked for. We did all that we could to solve the problem over the last 4 hours but nothing could correct the issue.
In the future I either train for ultra's and run marathons on the side or train for marathons, run them and retire from ultra running in all forms.

Was the failure through lack of specific training for the distance or is it that I have reached the stage where because of my age no amount of training will get me a finish in another ultra. Despite being disappointed at the withdrawal I think I will train differently in 2013 and give ultra's one last go before I conclude my failure to finish this and GNW it is age related.

Despite those thoughts I still ran 114 miles in 31 hours and ran past the 100 miles in just over 27 hours. So I should at least take those positives away from the withdrawal.
Those are my final thoughts for the year. I will have a short rest from serious training and with that no updates here. I will probably start some training in early January to prepare for the first marathon of the year later that month. I will not be marathon fit for that one but it will be the start of the preparation for Canberra in April.
All the best for Christmas and the New Year.


Ewen said...

Was sorry to see that DNF in the results Ray. Do and train for what you most enjoy doing - either ultras or marathons.

Professor said...


I refer you to your fourth and third last paragraphs...
Will your age not get you another Ultra finish? Hellloooo?? You just ran 185kms! Congrats! 185k's - you've got lots of Ultras left in you it they are what you want to run - C2K's? I;m no sure, but Ultra's? Absolutely!
And the 3rd last paragraph? - There are some huge positives to take did an awesome job. How many other runners get close to that achievement? You dont earn "Legendary" status sitting on ya butt..congrats on a successful, injury free 2012.
See you soon on a Wednesday..

Ian Gallagher said...

well done Ray. Great effort to get as far as you did. 100+ miles is certainly not something to sniff at. Still plenty of running left in you yet. 16 marathons in a single year is mental! Enjoy the recovery.

Jog Blog said...

Saw you @ C2K Ray (I was crewing for Pam). Well done on a tough 185km! Hope to see you at the Canberra marathon in April 2013. All the best for a restful Xmas/New Year.