Thursday, February 09, 2017

Yes I know it has been a while

So what has happened since my last post.

Christmas, New Year and the family. They all occurred as has been the case for the last few years. Our eldest owns a cafe and pecan farm near Byron Bay and he with his partner traveled down a few s before. Our daughter and her partner are in Melbourne and also travelled to home. Our middle child and son lives at home so no travel for him.

It was wonderful to have all of the family together before two left to have their holiday. The eldest stayed and we had a very pleasant few days in the southern highlands of NSW doing a lot of sightseeing. They then had to leave to open the cafe.

Helen and I then headed off for a week in Singapore. Great city and we had a great time. The last time was about 4 years ago but that was too long to leave the wonderful experience of the city and the food choices.

No running was done in Singapore and very little over the holidays so it was with huge negative thoughts that I stated a marathon just south of Brisbane on Australia. The weather in southern Queensland at this time of the year is brutal. High temperatures and high humidity.

The 5.00 an start allows a short time to run in reasonably pleasant conditions before the conditions start to become an issues. It is the first time I have run this 2 loop course that is mainly on a bike path but a short section through the bush. I had no idea about a finishing time because of the combination of little training for 5 weeks and the weather.

Nice and steady through halfway in 2.44 not quick but trying to save something of the second loop struggle. It was a struggle but not as bad as I expected it could be for a second loop of 2.59 and a 5.43 finish.

This weekend my nightmare marathon. Caboolture Historical Village about 60 minutes north of Brisbane. 6.00 pm start on Saturday as it is part of a 12 hour event and 84 loops - that does my mind in. But I know what to expect. Back in Sydney mid morning Sunday after leaving early afternoon Saturday.

 Finish - arms down, head down but thankfully done

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