Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Clearly I have not posted for sometime. I have been running its just sometimes I don't get around to it and then times goes by so quickly.

I did not run the double weekend as I could not get to Canberra a planned. I did travel to Melbourne o the weekend and ran a marathon in Brimbank Park a beautiful spot just out of Melbourne close to the airport. Doesn't sound glamorous but it is quite scenic and the whole marathon stays within the park. Basically 2 laps. 

The real issue was the heat. I started 30 minutes early at 8am and the temperature rose quickly to be 33 degrees when I finished. The last 12k was survival and a firm walk only. Two of my fellow 100 marathon club members with each over 150 marathons had their first ever marathon DNF at this event. It was tough and I suppose I should be pleased with a 6.12 finish.

On the following Saturday it was a marathon from Manly to Watson's Bay hugging the shoreline as much as you can. A tough course up to 24k which is at the Harbour Bridge. It is still not easy after that but that first 24k is tough with the trails continually rising and falling and weaving around the coast line. 

Map for the BUMS Manly to Watson's Bay 

I know I am a rhythm runner to the continual change of pace and stride is a very difficult for me. The weather was warm but not a huge factor. Laugh at 7.07 but consider a month before I did the same event in 8.28 - so the 7.07 was a very pleasing improvement.

No rest the following weekend as I was off to Melbourne again and a marathon at Princess Park. I think 16 laps of the park. I am okay with that but I was just not engaged and so wondered around the course. Perhaps I was reflecting on it being marathon 250 and being engrossed in those thoughts and no the marathon itself. Any way 5.25 is about my not so good time at the moment. I was disappointed with the time but really the time reflected the focus I had on the morning.

Finish at Princess Park and #250 done

Then the next weekend the Canberra Marathon. My 18th at Canberra and I wonder where all those years have gone. 

My children and me at Canberra Marathon #2 in 2000

My 3 children with me for Canberra # 2 and over all Marathon  #12

I gave a lot of thought to being much more mentally positive in the days leading up to the marathon. My training is not very structured when I have a marathon each weekend. I don't run in the week until I feel I have recovered and that is usually Wednesday and then at best I run 3 days with noting long. At best maybe a 7k lap of the Bay fast. That does not build up endurance and stamina.

So in reality I am running weekly marathons where the training is not much more than the marathon the week before. On that basis I have no idea of my fitness level with the last 3 marathons being very different course but at least Canberra in on a road and I can get into my stride and that suits me. 

So with no guide as to my fitness and so therefore no race pace plan I decided that 'go for broke' was as good as any plan. That merely meant starting off at 4.30 pace (yes laugh) and see what I could do. In reality the race plan was to run at that pace until I slowed down with one major blow up fully expected sooner rather than later. Knowing that was a likely outcome I was okay with the possibility. 

Half way in about 2.14 and so for an even paced run I would be very close to a 4.30 finish. I knew it was going to hurt and it did but my mind tried to convince my body to keep the pace. It almost did for a 4.36 finish.

Fastest time in a marathon since October 2015 in Melbourne when I ran 3.23. I had my first Lucrin injection in September 2015 and the effects of it had not kicked in. So I would have to pleased with the run and the time. 

Yes I got slower but what is pleasing is as regards my ranking went down in particular the R/Rank - that is my overall ranking the male race.. If I was slowing down others were slowing down more. The S/Rank is the actual rank as regards runners in that particular split - so on each I was relative to other runners running quicker as the race went on and gain slowing but not as much as other runners. 

Could I hold out an expectation to go quicker. I am not sure if that is realistic. I dream of a marathon under 4 again. I have 4 weeks to my next marathon. That is off road on trails and no sub 4 will happen there. On the 28 May I have the Barrossa and then the following week Traralgon - both on road and both with a chance of at least being slightly quicker that Canberra but under 4 - we will see what a good 3 week training block will do. 

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Ewen said...

Good to see you running well in Canberra Ray. Very solid result. Hoping you can edge down towards the 4 hour mark again.